«Zapped! (1982)»

Zapped! (1982)

Release Date: 1982
Genres: Comedy /
Country: Canada   
Cast: Darren Curtis ( Terrance Permenstein / KK Downey ), Kristin Adams ( Sue Byrkritt ), Matt Silver ( Theo Huxtable ), Pat Kiely ( Connor Rooney ), Dan Haber ( Frankie Lola ), Paul Spence ( Brett ), Claire Brosseau ( Scary Mary ), Brent Skagford ( Fishlips ), Amy Sobol ( Cat ), Etan Muskat ( Ratso ), Felicia Shulman ( Brooks ), David Lawrence ( Cavan ), Amanda MacDonald ( Monique ), Jodie Resther ( Charmane ), Rachelle Glait ( Terrance's Mother ),
Rating: 4.1


Two wannabes decide they're sick and tired of trying to make a name for themselves the old-fashioned way. Terrance is trying to make it as a rock star, while Theo dreams of getting his first book published: 'Truck Stop Hustler,' a racy look at life on the streets as a junkie prostitute. After a string of humiliations by both publishers and music critics, the two hatch a plan to turn Theo's fictional book into an autobiography by having Terrance dress up as the story's protagonist, KK Downey, and claim all the events as having happened to him. All of a sudden the book nobody wanted becomes an overnight literary sensation, and Terrance has realized his dream of becoming famous. But at what price?



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