«You Got Me! (2007)»

You Got Me! (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Fantasy / Horror /
Country: Germany   
Cast: Emil Jannings ( Harun al Raschid ), Conrad Veidt ( Ivan The Terrible ), Werner Krauss ( Jack the Ripper / Spring-Heeled Jack ), William Dieterle ( The Poet / Assad the Baker / A Russian Prince(as Wilhelm Dieterle) ), Olga Belajeff ( Eva-Maimune-Eine Bojarin ), John Gottowt ( Inhaber der Panoptikums ), Georg John ( ), Ernst Legal ( ),
Rating: 4.8


The owner of a Waxmuseum needs for three of his models stories to be told to the audience. For that reason he has hired a writer, who after one look athe owner's pretty daughter, starts writing stories featuring the models, the daughter and himself. In the first, he is a baker, married to the girl, who is a little bit too much flirting with the customers, among them the wezir of sultan Harun Al-Rashid, who has just ordered his execution because the smell from the bakery is drifting to his palce, yet Harun Al-Rashid wants to meet the beautiful girl himself, while an angry baker is trying to get the Sultan's whishing ring to proof he's not a weakling... The second story is about Tzar Ivan the Terrible who likes watching people die together with his court-chemist. When he orders the execution of the chemist, the chemist thinks of a nice revanche, but till the revanche works, a nobleman is murdered, his daughter kidnapped by Ivan and her groom tortured. While writing the third story about Jack the Ripper, he falls asleep and dreams he and the girl are pursuit by that serial killer.



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