«Yonkers Joe (2008)»

Yonkers Joe (2008)

Release Date: 2008
Genres: Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Chazz Palminteri ( Yonkers Joe ), Christine Lahti ( Janice ), Tom Guiry ( Joe Jr. ), Michael Lerner ( Stanley ), Linus Roache ( Teddy ), Michael Rispoli ( Mickey ), Roma Maffia ( Santini ), Frank John Hughes ( Tom Vincent ), Arthur J. Nascarella ( Dino ), Saverio Guerra ( Bam ), Chad McKnight ( Simon ), Lauri Johnson ( Hammer ), Dean Marrazzo ( Casino Manager ), John 'Fastjack' Farrell ( Fitz ), Bill Allison ( Pit Boss ), John 'Fastjack' Farrell ( Fitz ),
Rating: 6.3
;Yonkers Joe


Yonkers Joe hustles, setting up schemes to cheat at cards and dice. He has a girlfriend, Janice, but does he care about her or just need a partner in his cons? He's working out a scam of casinos, gathering intelligence in Atlantic City. The fly in the ointment is his son, Joe Jr., a mentally-challenged young man about to turn 21, aging out of a group home, belligerent as the move to an adult home and his father's lack of contact upset him. Joe Jr.'s counselor insists that Joe take his son for awhile to calm him down and prepare him for the transfer. Can a mentally-challenged, unloved kid make his way with grifters? Can a father discover new emotions? What about scamming the casinos?



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