«Year Of The Dog (2007)»

Year Of The Dog (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Comedy / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Molly Shannon ( Peggy ), Laura Dern ( Bret ), Regina King ( Layla ), Thomas McCarthy ( Pier ), Josh Pais ( Robin ), John C. Reilly ( Al ), Peter Sarsgaard ( Newt ), Amy Schlagel ( Lissie ), Zoe Schlagel ( Lissie ), Dale Godboldo ( Don ), Inara George ( Holly ), Liza Weil ( Trishelle ), Jon Shere ( Pound Employee ), Christy Moore ( Al’s Girlfriend (as Christy Lynn Moore) ), Audrey Wasilewski ( Audrey ), Christy Moore ( Al's Girlfriend(as Christy Lynn Moore) ),
Rating: 6.1
;Year Of The Dog


Peggy is single, childless, in her 40s, a lonely executive assistant in a friendly office. Her dog Pencil is the love of her life, and when he dies after eating some sort of toxin, Peggy's life spins out of her control: a friendly neighbor invites her for dinner; a friendly staff member at her vet's calls with an abused dog he recommends she adopt - she does, and also finds herself attracted to this fellow. She becomes a vegan, supports animal-rights causes, and embroils her brother's young children in these concerns. Saving dogs and other animals become such a passion that her mental health and her job may be in danger. Are regaining control and finding love beyond her reach?



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