«Xin Qi Long Zhu (1989)»

Xin Qi Long Zhu (1989)

Release Date: 1989
Genres: Fantasy / Action /
Country: Taiwan   
Cast: Charles Chen Zi-Qiang ( Son Goku (Monkey Boy) ), Jeannie Tse ( Bulma (Y-Tou) ), Tung-Chuen Cheng ( Yamcha ), San Pan ( Oolong ), Zhong Yu Huang ( Turtle Hermit Muten Roshi ), Kam Tao ( Son Gohan ), Yi-Juan Li ( Pansy (Jen Jen) ), Ruan-Feng Su ( Gourmeth (Horn King) ), Long-Sheng Jiang ( Vongo (Zebrata) ), Eveline Oranje ( Pasta (Maria) ), Ruan-Feng Su ( Horn King - Gourmeth ), Yao Ying Hung ( Jen-Jen's father ),
Rating: 3.7
;Xin Qi Long Zhu


This live-action version of the popular Japanese animated series Dragon Ball. A villainous king known as Emperor Horn has stolen the mystical power of the "Dragon Pearls" in an attempt to possess them all and rule the world! When all but one of the pearls has been stolen, the former rag-tag group of guardian heroes (led by Goku) of the mysterious magic jewels decides to band together and take some big action! Led by a pig-headed wizard and a half-turtle martial arts master, the team first takes on King Horn's army in a desperate bid to stop him from gaining control of the Dragon Pearls.



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