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Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006)

Release Date: 2006
Genres: Drama / Fantasy / Romance /
Country: USA    UK   
Cast: Patrick Fugit ( Zia ), Abraham Benrubi ( Erik ), Shannyn Sossamon ( Mikal ), Shea Whigham ( Eugene ), Leslie Bibb ( Desiree ), Mark Boone Junior ( Mike (as Mark Boone Jr.) ), Cameron Bowen ( Kostya ), Mikal P. Lazarev ( Nanuk ), Clayne Crawford ( Jim ), Tom Waits ( Kneller ), Chase Ellison ( Kid Kostya ), John Hawkes ( Yan ), Will Arnett ( Messiah ), Adam G. ( Gas Station Attendant ), Mary Pat Gleason ( Eugene's Mother ), Mark Boone Junior ( Mike(as Mark Boone Jr.) ), Aaron Parker Mouser ( Max(as Aaron Mouser) ),
Rating: 7.4
;Wristcutters: A Love Story


Despondent over his breakup with Desiree, Zia slashes his wrists and goes to an afterlife peopled by suicides, a high-desert landscape dotted by old tires, burned-out cars, and abandoned sofas. He gets a job in a pizza joint. By chance, Zia learns that Desiree offed herself a few months after he did, and she's looking for him. He sets off with Eugene (an electrocuted Russian rocker) to find her, and they pick up a hitchhiker, Mikal, who's looking for the People in Charge, believing she's there by mistake. They're soon at the camp of Kneller, where casual miracles proliferate. They hear rumors of a miraculous king. Can Zia find Desiree? Then what? Where there's death there's hope.



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