«Wind Chill (2007)»

Wind Chill (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Drama / Horror / Thriller /
Country: USA    UK   
Cast: Emily Blunt ( Girl ), Ashton Holmes ( Guy ), Martin Donovan ( Highway Patrolman ), Ned Bellamy ( Snowplow Driver ), Ian A. Wallace ( Priest (as Ian Wallace) ), Donny James Lucas ( Stranger (as Donny Lucas) ), Chelan Simmons ( Blonde Girl ), Darren Moore ( Clerk ), Linden Banks ( Proctor ), Caz Odin Darko ( Teenage Boy #1 (as Caz Darko) ), Heath Horejda ( Teenage Boy #2 ), Ian A. Wallace ( Priest(as Ian Wallace) ), Donny James Lucas ( Stranger(as Donny Lucas) ), Caz Odin Darko ( Teenage Boy #1(as Caz Darko) ),
Rating: 5.9
;Wind Chill


A couple of college students known only as the Girl and the Guy are traveling home to Delaware the day before Christmas Eve. They're on a frozen road that the Guy is convinced is a scenic short-cut. In the middle of nowhere in below freezing conditions they are run off the road by a hit and runner. They soon realize they're caught in a supernatural bubble where a crime from 1954 is doomed to repeat itself, year after year threatening new victims. The Guy attempts to walk back to the last petrol station but his wounds from the crash are worse than he let on.



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