«Westbrick Murders (2010)»

Westbrick Murders (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller /
Country: Denmark    UK    USA   
Cast: Daniell Edwards ( Matthew ), Sami Darr ( Billy ), Anna B ( Barbara ), Eric Roberts ( John ), Vernon Wells ( Max ), Ian Burns ( Seamus ), Merete Van Kamp ( Rebecca Sommerson ), Melany Denise ( Miranda ), Dennis Haladyn ( Bob ), Kim S ( Officer Sam ), Jan Tjerrild ( Forensic Technician ), Maja Muhlack ( Lulu ), Katrine Fokdal ( Sara ), Erik Holmey ( ), Magnus Bruun Nielsen ( Hostage ), Anna Bård ( Barbara ), Kim Sønderholm ( Officer Sam ),
Rating: 3.1
;Westbrick Murders


The town of Westbrick is a rough place to live in. It is here that the young rookie cop Matthew lives with his wife. Meanwhile, notorious serial killers Billy and Barbara embark on a killing spree in order to get notoriety. Matthew gets his first assignment with his much older partner William when he unfortunately crosses paths with Billy and Barbara. William gets killed in the line of duty by Billy and Barbara but that's not enough for them: they torture and brutally murder Matthew's wife. Things get even worse for young Matthew when he loses his job, being wrongfully blamed for William's death and now charged with murder. Matthew finds himself isolated; there is no reason to count on a corrupt legal system and even less of a chance of being found innocent. He goes on a rampage for vengeance and slowly turns into a mad psychopath just like Billy and Barbara.



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