«Wake (2009)»

Wake (2009)

Release Date: 2009
Genres: Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Romance /
Country: USA   
Cast: Nicolas Cage ( Bill Firpo ), Jon Lovitz ( Dave Firpo ), Dana Carvey ( Alvin Firpo ), Mädchen Amick ( Sarah Collins ), Florence Stanley ( Edna 'Ma' Firpo ), Donald Moffat ( Clifford Anderson ), Angela Paton ( Hattie Anderson ), Vic Manni ( Vic Mazzucci ), Frank Pesce ( Caesar Spinoza ), John Ashton ( Ed Dawson ), John Bergantine ( Clovis Minor ), Sean McCann ( Chief Bernie Burnell ), Richard Jenkins ( Agent Shaddus Peyser ), Paul Lazar ( Deputy Timmy Burnell ), Sean O'Bryan ( Dick Anderson ),
Rating: 5.3


Bill Firpo has managed to stay honest, but can't help but be dragged into things by his larcenous brothers, the clever Dave and the kleptomaniac Alvin. When the three find a bank so easy to rob that they can't resist, the only question is whether or not they can get out of town before the big snowstorm hits. While the three brothers run around town with their stolen loot, they are beseiged with the kindness of the townfolk that might just set them on the path of rightousness.



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