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Waiting for Guffman (1996)

Release Date: 1996
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Romance /
Country: USA   
Cast: Sunil Malhotra ( Ameet ), Lisa Ray ( Saima ), Purva Bedi ( Ruby ), Kal Penn ( Bobby ), Asrani ( Saima's dad ), Ismail Bashey ( Ashol ), Johnny Kastl ( Monty ), Ather Ali ( Dev ), Brea Cola ( Angela ), Subash Kundanmal ( Ameet's Dad ), Noor Shic ( Ameet's mom ), Ulka Amin ( Saima's mom ), Shaan Puri ( Deepy ), Susan Aguirre ( Fashion Show Organizer ), Tiffany Lynn Drucker ( Fashion Show Announcer(as Tiffany Drucker) ),
Rating: 7.5
;Waiting for Guffman


Saima is a second-generation East Indian-American, living in Austin, Texas, along with her dad, mom, and brother, Dev. Her dad considers her an old maid and wants her to get married to Ameet much to her displeasure as she dislikes him. Her dad wants their marriage to be telecast via Internet so that their extended family in India can e-participate in the ceremony. After her not-so-good-looking friend, Ruby, gets married, albeit dramatically to Bobby, Ameet's friend, Her dad pressurizes her and even manages to convince her, she appears to change her mind but secretly meets with Ameet and together they create a series of misunderstandings with Ameet revealing his secret desire of becoming a male stripper during their formal engagement. They do succeed in getting their wedding canceled, but then Saima is faced with another challenge when her dad wants her to get married to Ashol, a Computer Programmer, who she also dislikes. The question does remain will Saima be compelled to go through another charade, and will Ashol be ready to along with her?



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