«Waiting For Dublin (2007)»

Waiting For Dublin (2007)

Release Date: 2007
Genres: Romance /
Country: Belgium   
Cast: Des Braiden ( Father Quinlan ), Jenne Decleir ( Dinky ), Guido De Craene ( Kluge ), Sheila Flitton ( Old Crone ), Kevin Flood ( Dr. Mahoney ), Don Foley ( Eamonn ), Tristan Hickey ( Major Forbes ), Andrew Keegan ( Mike ), Frank Kelly ( Thaddius ), Maria Anastacia Keogh ( Swing Dancer ), Pat Laffan ( Paddy ), Jack Lynch ( Mr. Kelleher ), Hugh O'Conor ( Twickers ), Karl Sheils ( Vito ), Britta Smith ( Mrs. Kelleher ), David Wilmot ( Heneghan ), Jade Yourell ( Maggie ), Hugh O'Conor ( Twickers ),
Rating: 3.8
;Waiting For Dublin


On New Year's Eve 1944, American pilot Mike Clarke inadvertently bets Al Capone's nephew $10,000.00 that he can shoot down five enemy aircrafts. Later, forced to land near a remote village in Ireland after running out of fuel, Mike learns that he is cut off from the rest of the world with no way to rejoin the war and shoot down his fifth plane, which is the only way he can win the bet and save his own life. With nowhere to go, he eventually befriends the colorful villagers and meets a fiery red-head named Maggie who shows this pilot that combat can take place on the ground just as well as in the air. It doesn't take long for Mike and Maggie to grow close as she helps him figure out how to win his bet while winning her heart in the process.



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