«Up Periscope (1959)»

Up Periscope (1959)

Release Date: 1959
Genres: Action / Drama / War /
Country: USA   
Cast: James Garner ( Lt. j.g. Kenneth M. Braden ), Edmond O'Brien ( Commander Paul Stevenson ), Andra Martin ( Sally Johnson ), Alan Hale Jr. ( Lt. Pat Malone (as Alan Hale) ), Carleton Carpenter ( Lt. Phil Carney ), Frank Gifford ( Ensign Cy Mount ), William Leslie ( Lt. Doherty ), Richard Bakalyan ( Seaman Peck ), Edd Byrnes ( Pharmacist Mate Ash (as Edward Byrnes) ), Sean Garrison ( Seaman Floyd ), Henry Kulky ( Chief Petty Officer York ), Edmond O'Brien ( Commander Paul Stevenson ), Alan Hale Jr. ( Lt. Pat Malone(as Alan Hale) ), Edd Byrnes ( Pharmacist Mate Ash(as Edward Byrnes) ),
Rating: 6.4
;Up Periscope


Lieutenant Braden discovers that Sally, the woman he's been falling in love with, has actually been checking out his qualifications to be a U.S. Navy frogman. He must put his personal life behind him after being assigned to be smuggled into a Japanese-held island via submarine to photograph radio codes.



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