«Twice Upon a Time (1983)»

Twice Upon a Time (1983)

Release Date: 1983
Genres: Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Lorenzo Music ( Ralph, the All-Purpose Animal(voice) ), Marshall Efron ( Synonamess Botch(voice) ), James Cranna ( Rod Rescueman / Scuzzbopper / Frivoli Foreman / Rusher of Din - Street Preacher ), Julie Payne ( Flora Fauna(voice) ), Hamilton Camp ( Greensleeves(voice) ), Paul Frees ( Narrator / Chief of State / Judges / Bailiff(voice) ), Judith Kahan ( The Fairy Godmother(voice)(as Judith Kahan Kampmann) ), Gillian Gould ( Rusher of Din - Sleeper ), Geraldine Green ( Rusher of Din - Sleeper ), Larry Green ( Rusher of Din - Sleeper ), William Hall ( Rusher of Din - Sleeper ), David Korty ( Rusher of Din - Sleeper ), Elma Barry Robertson ( Rusher of Din - Sleeper ), Clyde E. Robertson ( Rusher of Din - Sleeper ), William Browder ( Rusher of Din - Office Executive ),
Rating: 7.3
;Twice Upon a Time


Once upon a time, there were some people called the Rushers of Din. Each night as they slept, sweet dreams were delivered to them from sunny Frivoli, while nightmares came to them from the mysterious Murkworks. But the malevolent master of the Murk, Synonamess Botch, was not content. He wanted the Rushers to have non-stop nightmares. To do that, he would need to gain control of the Cosmic Clock. To accomplish this, he kidnaps the deliverers of the dreams, Greensleeves and the Figmen of Imagination, and then tricks Ralph, the All-Purpose Animal and his pal Mumford into stealing the mainspring from the Cosmic Clock. Realizing they've been tricked, Ralph and Mumford try to get the spring back and prevent Botch from unleashing his nightmare bombs. Along the way, they get help from their Fairy Godmother, Greensleeves' niece Flora Fauna, the junior varsity superhero Rod Rescueman, and Botch's own head nightmare writer, Scuzzbopper.



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