«Tugboat Mickey (1940)»

Tugboat Mickey (1940)

Release Date: 1940
Genres: Animation / Comedy / Family / Short /
Country: USA   
Cast: Pinto Colvig ( Goofy ), Walt Disney ( Mickey Mouse ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck ), Pinto Colvig ( Goofy(voice) ), Walt Disney ( Mickey Mouse(voice) ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck(voice) ),
Rating: 7
;Tugboat Mickey


Mickey is performing routine maintenance on his tugboat (with interference from a pelican) when a call comes on the radio that there's a sinking ship needing assistance. Sadly, Mickey's crew consists of Donald and Goofy, so getting underway to help is not easy. Goofy has to fight a boiler's door to get it stoked with coal (and when he succeeds, he overfills it) and Donald gets tangled up in the machinery. Not to mention that nobody casts off, so they drag half the dock along with them. The overworked boiler soon explodes.



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