«The Village Smithy (1942)»

The Village Smithy (1942)

Release Date: 1942
Genres: Animation / Comedy / Family / Short /
Country: USA   
Cast: Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck(voice) (uncredited) ),
Rating: 6.2
;The Village Smithy


A duck may not look the muscled part, Donald takes his job as village blacksmith serious. First he fashions a new iron ring for an oxcart-wheel, and expertly makes it dance onto the wood, but then painfully experiences the laws of physics mercilessly punish any size error, worsened each time he insists. Then Donald services a shy-looking client: vain 'Jacqueline-ass' Jenny, who refuses to approve any of the shoe-models he presents, and therefore stubbornly resists his equally driven attempts to fit it on her back-hoof...



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