«The Prisoner (1955)»

The Prisoner (1955)

Release Date: 1955
Genres: Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller /
Country: USA   
Cast: Charles Clary ( Dr. Ferris ), Doris Pawn ( Barbary Nell ), Jim Mason ( Frisco Pete(as James Mason) ), Lon Chaney ( Blizzard ), Milton Ross ( Lichtenstein ), Ethel Grey Terry ( Rose ), Kenneth Harlan ( Dr. Wilmot Allen ), Claire Adams ( Barbara Ferris ),
Rating: 7
;The Prisoner


Blizzard, deranged from a childhood operation in which both his legs were perhaps needlessly amputated after an accident, becomes a vicious criminal, and eventually mob leader of the San Francisco underworld. Out for revenge against the surgeon who performed his operation, he undergoes brain surgery which has a chance of altering his anti-social behavior.



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