«The Legend Of Coyote Rock (1945)»

The Legend Of Coyote Rock (1945)

Release Date: 1945
Genres: Family / Western / Animation / Comedy / Short /
Country: USA   
Cast: Pinto Colvig ( Pluto ), Pinto Colvig ( Pluto(voice) ),
Rating: 6.6


Pluto is guarding a flock of sheep in the West; a coyote is sneaking up on that flock. The coyote fakes a bad leg; Pluto chases it away, only to have it run back ahead of him and go after the sheep. Pluto gets back and finds the coyote chasing the lone black sheep of the flock, after trapping the rest. The chase ends with the coyote buried under a toppling spire of rock, which forms a coyote of rock on the top.



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