«The Fox Hunt (1938)»

The Fox Hunt (1938)

Release Date: 1938
Genres: Family / Animation / Short / Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Pinto Colvig ( Goofy ), Walt Disney ( Mickey Mouse ), Florence Gill ( Clara Cluck ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck ), Pinto Colvig ( Goofy(voice) (uncredited) ), Walt Disney ( Mickey Mouse(voice) (uncredited) ), Florence Gill ( Clara Cluck(voice) (uncredited) ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck(voice) (uncredited) ),
Rating: 6.7
;The Fox Hunt


A monocle-wearing Goofy and a bugle-bearing Donald Duck are two unlikely members of the English gentry engaging in their favorite sport: the fox hunt. The ever-frustrated Donald is burdened with a pack of unruly hounds, while Goofy is saddled (so to speak) with a shy horse, who is too timid to jump over a hedge. Goofy has to show him how to do it himself. Meanwhile, the quarry of the hunt proves to be wilier than your average fox. Eventually, Donald thinks he has the fox trapped, but the clever little beast manages to pull a rather stinky switcheroo on the overconfident duck.



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