«The Clown And The Kids (1967)»

The Clown And The Kids (1967)

Release Date: 1967
Genres: Family / Fantasy / Musical /
Country: USA    Bulgaria   
Cast: Emmett Kelly ( The Piper ), Burt Stratford ( Mark, His Son ), Katie Dunn ( Freny, His Daughter ), Mikhail Mikhajlov ( Mr. Scrag ), Leo Conforti ( Mayor ), Bogomil Simeonov ( Scrog's Lieutenant ), Oleg Kovachev ( Billy ), Naicho Petrov ( ),
Rating: 3.9


A small circus troupe wants to perform for the children in a small Eastern European town, but is prevented from doing so by the evil town boss. The circus' clown and his colleagues come up with a plan to defeat the boss and his men and put on a show for the kids.



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