«Terreur cannibale (1981)»

Terreur cannibale (1981)

Release Date: 1981
Genres: Drama / Horror /
Country: USA   
Cast: Stephen J. Heffernan ( Pete Shepherd ), Jason Allen Wolfe ( Cass ), Lisa Anne Harness ( Fuchsia ), Chris Grega ( Joe ), Dennis Garrels ( Grant Shepherd ), Dick Mintzlaff ( Ellis(as Richard C. Mintzlaff) ), Michael Malorin ( Franklin ), Amanda Booth ( Mazie ), Sara Ann Rutherford ( Nova ), Schmack Virgin ( Tadpole ), Rachel Lewis ( Allison ), Leah Schumacher ( Hollow Ekkes ), Daniel Byington ( Sonny ), Alidjah Young ( Buzzy ), Jodi Wurm ( Alien Girl ),
Rating: 2.1
;Terreur cannibale


Pete Shepherd, a maintenance man at Pea Tree Apartments, has his universe pulled inside out in this mysterious tale of twisted suspense. Pete and his coworker, the paranoid yet darkly comedic Cass, are tormented by freakish murders of outlandish proportion as residents are brutally slain, one by one, are left for the men to discover. Clues only lead to dead ends in this supernatural thriller, but one common thread persists: the murder weapons are all tools belonging to Pete...Who is to blame? And who will put a stop to the horrific bloodbath?



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