«Ten Canoes (2006)»

Ten Canoes (2006)

Release Date: 2006
Genres: Adventure / Comedy / Drama /
Country: Australia   
Cast: Crusoe Kurddal ( Ridjimiraril ), Jamie Gulpilil ( Dayindi / Yeeralparil(as Jamie Dayindi Gulpilil Dalaithngu) ), Richard Birrinbirrin ( Birrinbirrin ), Peter Minygululu ( Minygululu ), Frances Djulibing ( Nowalingu ), David Gulpilil ( The Storyteller(as David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu) ), Sonia Djarrabalminym ( Banalandju ), Cassandra Malangarri Baker ( Munandjarra ), Philip Gudthaykudthay ( The Sorcerer ), Peter Djigirr ( Canoeist / The Victim / Warrior ), Michael Dawu ( Canoeist / The Stranger ), Bobby Bunungurr ( Canoeist / Uncle ), Johnny Buniyira ( Canoeist / Warrior ), Billy Black ( Canoeist / Warrior ), Steven Wilinydjanu Maliburr ( Canoeist / Warrior ),
Rating: 7
;Ten Canoes


A story within a story. In Australia's Northern Territory, a man tells us one of the stories of his people and his land. It's a story of an older man, Minygululu, who has three wives and realizes that his younger brother Dayindi may try to steal away the youngest wife. So, over a few days and several trips to hunt and gather, Minygululu tells Dayindi a story set in the time of their ancestors when a stranger came to the village and disrupted the lives of a serious man named Ridjimiraril, his three wives, and his younger brother Yeeralparil who had no wife and liked to visit his youngest sister-in-law. Through stories, can values be taught and balance achieved?



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