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Tarzan And The Lost City (1998)

Release Date: 1998
Genres: Action / Adventure / Family / Fantasy /
Country: USA    Germany    Australia   
Cast: Casper Van Dien ( Tarzan ), Jane March ( Jane Porter ), Steven Waddington ( Nigel Ravens ), Winston Ntshona ( Mugambe ), Rapulana Seiphemo ( Kaya ), Ian Roberts ( Captain Dooley ), Sean Taylor ( Wilkes ), Gys De Villiers ( Schiller ), Russel Savadier ( Archer ), Paul Buckby ( Jerjynski ), Zane Meas ( Knowles ), Barry Berk ( Burke ), Michael Gritten ( Devlin ), Dimitri Cassar ( Klemmer ), Tony Caprari ( Ritter ), Casper Van Dien ( Tarzan / John Clayton ),
Rating: 3.8
;Tarzan And The Lost City


On the eve of his wedding, John Clayton, Lord of Greystoke (better known as Tarzan), receives a message from the witch doctor Mugambe that his homeland is in danger. It turns out that a treasure hunter named Ravens is searching for the lost city of Opar, and is destroying the jungle and desecrating the villagers' burial grounds in the process. Only Tarzan can stop Ravens and set things right in the African jungle, but will Jane stand for her fiance being away for so long?



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