«Tai hong (2010)»

Tai hong (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Horror / Thriller /
Country: USA   
Cast: Jason Carter ( Simon Molinar ), Garett Maggart ( Dr. Joseph McKay ), Jack Donner ( Dr. William Bassett ), Denise Alessandria Hurd ( Det. Gwen Taylor(as Denise Alesandria Hurd) ), Ray Proscia ( Benjamin Yarmall ), Harrison Young ( James Conroy ), Jean St. James ( Susan Harold ), Kira Reed ( Chloe Martin ), James Kiberd ( Dr. Samuel Hirsch ), Scott Levy ( Capt. Charles Steubbins ), Gary Anello ( Det. Mackelroy ), David Tracy Brown ( Agent Jameson ), David Weisenberg ( Dr. Goldblatt ), David Jean Thomas ( Leroy Smith ), Brad Kalas ( Agent Perkins ),
Rating: 5.1


The pursuit of a serial killer leads to a deeper evil. When the government captures a vampire he is imprisoned and subjected to brutal medical experiment. With the project's original MD dead a rookie from the clinic downstairs is brought in as a replacement. As the procedures becomes more gruesome, he is torn between sympathy for a patient's suffering and concern for the evil that threatens to consume everyone involved.



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