«Swiss Family Robinson (1960)»

Swiss Family Robinson (1960)

Release Date: 1960
Genres: Adventure / Family /
Country: USA   
Cast: John Mills ( Father Robinson ), Dorothy McGuire ( Mother Robinson ), James MacArthur ( Fritz Robinson ), Janet Munro ( Roberta 'Bertie' ), Sessue Hayakawa ( Kuala, Pirate Chief ), Tommy Kirk ( Ernst Robinson ), Kevin Corcoran ( Francis Robinson ), Cecil Parker ( Captain Moreland ), Andy Ho ( Auban ), Milton Reid ( Big Pirate ), Larry Taylor ( Pirate ),
Rating: 7
;Swiss Family Robinson


A family in route to New Guinea is shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. They are forced to remain on the island because of the damage to the ship and the pirates that are roaming the islands. They create a home on the island (centering around a huge treehouse) and explore the island and it's wildlife. Plenty of adventure ensues as the family deals with issues of survival, pirates, and the brothers must learn how to live on the island with an uncertain future.



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