«Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)»

Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)

Release Date: 1928
Genres: Comedy /
Country: UK   
Cast: Stockard Channing ( Sheila ), Shaun Evans ( Sam ), Anthony Head ( Tony ), Bob Hoskins ( Vince ), Lesley Manville ( Jill ), Amanda Ryan ( Kate ), John Shrapnel ( Bernie ), Peter Gordon ( Ivor ), Lorenzo Martelli ( Rooftop party man ), Roy Carruthers ( Frank ), Sophia Dawnay ( Camilla ), Ellie Haddington ( Frances ), David Woodcock ( Simon ), Omar Berdouni ( Luis ), Richard Cant ( Adrian ),
Rating: 7.9
;Steamboat Bill, Jr.


From the directors of Lawless Heart comes SPARKLE, a hilarious and heart-warming comedy about life, love, and getting ahead in the twenty-first century. Sam Sparkes (Shaun Evans) is a 22 year old with ambitions: move to London and join the glamorous PR world. When Vince (Bob Hoskins) hires Sam as a waiter, he meets his soon-to-be PR boss, Sheila (Stockard Channing). Sensing opportunity, Sam charms himself a job as Sheila's PA...and her lover. But when Sam falls for Kate (Amanda Ryan), he instigates a series of family betrayals and romantic mishaps. As balancing his job and love life becomes overwhelming, unexpected twists and uncovered secrets force Sam to choose between his career and the woman of his dreams.



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