«Show People (1928)»

Show People (1928)

Release Date: 1928
Genres: Comedy / Romance /
Country: USA   
Cast: Marion Davies ( Peggy Pepper ), William Haines ( Billy Boone ), Dell Henderson ( Colonel Pepper ), Paul Ralli ( Andre ), Tenen Holtz ( Casting Director ), Harry Gribbon ( Comedy Director ), Sidney Bracey ( Dramatic Director (as Sidney Bracy) ), Polly Moran ( The Maid ), Albert Conti ( Producer ), Sidney Bracey ( Dramatic Director(as Sidney Bracy) ),
Rating: 8.4
;Show People


Colonel Pepper brings his daughter, Peggy, to Hollywood from Georgia to be an actress. There she meets Billy who gets her work at Comet Studio doing comedies with him. But Peggy is discovered by High Art Studio and she leaves Billy and Comet to work there. For her new image, she is now Patricia Pepoire and ignores Billy when he sees her on location. When she is not longer wanted by the little people who do not understand "ART", she plans to marry Andre to get a fake title. Billy will not let her go without a fight.



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