«Rugged Bear (1953)»

Rugged Bear (1953)

Release Date: 1953
Genres: Animation / Comedy / Family / Short /
Country: USA   
Cast: James MacDonald ( Humphrey the Bear ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck ), James MacDonald ( Humphrey the Bear(voice) ), Clarence Nash ( Donald Duck(voice) ),
Rating: 7.9
;Rugged Bear


It's a peaceful day in a national forest...until hunting season begins at which point all the bears hide out in a cave but one bear, Humphrey, doesn't make it. He hides out in a cabin and, seeing hunter Donald Duck approaching, hides the bearskin rug in a trunk and takes its place. Masquerading as the rug tends to be an unpleasant experience for Humphrey as Donald opens nuts and bottles in his mouth and washes him in the washer/dryer among other things. Finally, when hunting season ends and Donald leaves, Humphrey is relieved but makes a startling discovery...



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