«Quality Of Life (2004)»

Quality Of Life (2004)

Release Date: 2004
Genres: Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Lane Garrison ( Heir ), Brian Burnam ( Vain ), Luis Saguar ( Pops ), Mackenzie Firgens ( Lisa ), Tajai Massey ( Dino ), Fred Pitts ( Robert ), Andy Rolfes ( Officer Charles (as Andrew A. Rolfes) ), Bryna Weiss ( Grandma ), Ezra Stanley ( Kid ), Fred Salvallon ( Employee ), Daniel Chacón ( Stray ), James Duisenberg ( Store Manager ), Andy Rolfes ( Officer Charles(as Andrew A. Rolfes) ), Daniel Chac ( Stray ), Daniel Chacón ( Stray ),
Rating: 6.7
;Quality Of Life


Meet Michael "Heir" Rosario, the most prolific and talented graffiti writer from the Mission District in San Francisco. At age ten, in a desperate search for fame and identity, Heir began writing his name on surrounding urban landscapes. More than a decade later, Heir has evolved into a brilliant street artist. With the support of his best friend and partner-in-crime, Curtis "Vain" Smith, Heir has covertly decorated the canvases of concrete and steel throughout the Bay Area. However, when Heir and Vain are arrested for painting, their secret identities are revealed and creative outlets abruptly severed. Faced with restitution and the prospect of serving hard time, Heir and Vain struggle to maintain their creative passion. The paths they choose threaten to unravel their lifelong friendship and, ultimately, their lives.



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