«Pantry Pirate (1940)»

Pantry Pirate (1940)

Release Date: 1940
Genres: Family / Comedy / Animation / Short /
Country: USA   
Cast: Lee Millar ( Pluto ), Lillian Randolph ( Mammy (voice) (uncredited) ), Lee Millar ( Pluto(voice) (uncredited) ), Lillian Randolph ( Mammy(voice) (uncredited) ),
Rating: 5.9


Pluto is tied up in the backyard and has been ordered by the maid to stay outside while she prepares a roast. Of course, once Pluto smells the scent of the roast, he makes a beeline for the kitchen. Unfortuantely, staying undiscovered proves difficult for Pluto once he gets inside particularly after he inhales a bucket of soapy water and starts sneezing. Bubbles fill the kitchen and cups are broken at which point the maid comes downstairs. Luckily, Pluto returns to his doghouse leaving the impression that he never left. The maid just shrugs and says, "I could swear it was that dog."



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