«O Grilo Feliz (2001)»

O Grilo Feliz (2001)

Release Date: 2001
Genres: Animation / Action / Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Musical /
Country: Brazil   
Cast: Robert Buchholz ( Barnaby(voice: English version) ), Peter Doyle ( Magic Toucan(voice: English version) ), Grant George ( Father / Toad 3(voice: English version) ), Neil Kaplan ( Toad 1(voice: English version) ), Steve Kramer ( General(voice: English version) ), Dave Mallow ( Buffuno(voice: English version) ), Mona Marshall ( Cartibella(voice: English version) ), R ( Faz Tudo(voice) ), Bob Papenbrook ( Wartlord(voice: English version) ), Sam Riegel ( Christopher(voice: English version) ), Cindy Robinson ( Honeydew(voice: English version) ), Araken Saldanha ( Maledeto(voice) ), Philece Sampler ( Isabella(voice: English version) ), Stephanie Shee ( Little Christopher(voice: English version) ), Steve Staley ( Leonardo(voice: English version) ),
Rating: 4.9
;O Grilo Feliz


This is the story of Christopher, a cricket that lived happily singing and playing for his friends in the forest until the arrival of Wartlord, a terrible lizard that prohibits music and kidnaps his muse: Linda, the Night Star. You will be amused by the fantasies! Enjoy the beauty and adventures of The Happy Cricket, with its cheerful music, songs and adorable characters. Watch how Christopher defeats the powerful Wartlord and rescues the Night Star. It is a remarkable story that will stay forever in the memory of our children. The film celebrates the values of friendship, freedom and, like no other, stands up as an engaging example of nature defense and environment protection for our children.



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