«Namgeuk-ilgi (2005)»

Namgeuk-ilgi (2005)

Release Date: 2005
Genres: Crime / Horror /
Country: USA   
Cast: Jan Gould ( Loren ), Michiko Jimenez ( Stacy "The Victim" ), Shane Ryan ( Brandon ),
Rating: 6.2


The unofficial story of a killer who kidnaps and kills three girls is told through the tale of his last victim, 'Amateur Porn Star Killer' is about a girl he picks up on the street and convinces to go back to his hotel room. The girl is shy, unnerved, and yet unable to take herself out of a bad situation. The killer is a guy who seems at first nothing more than your standard, 18 year old pervert with a penchant for filming his sexual escapades. An unsettling darkness descends.



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