«Monster (2008)»

Monster (2008)

Release Date: 2008
Genres: Action / Adventure / Horror /
Country: Italy    Brazil   
Cast: Michael Sopkiw ( Kevin Hall ), Suzane Carvalho ( Eva Ibañez(as Susane Carvall) ), Milton Rodríguez ( Capt. John Heinz(as Milton Morris) ), Marta Anderson ( Betty Heinz ), Joffre Soares ( José(as Joffrey Soares) ), Gloria Cristal ( Monica ), Susan Hahn ( Belinda(as Susie Hahn) ), Maria Reis ( Myara(as Mary Reis) ), Andy Silas ( China ), Leonidas Bayer ( Prof. Pedro Ibañez(as Leonid Bayer) ), Carlos Imperial ( Pilot ), Samuka ( Native Chief(as Samuca) ), Ney Pen ( Native ), Adalberto Silva ( Hotel Desk Clerk(as Albert Silva) ), Jonas Dalbecchi ( Carlito ),
Rating: 7


Michael Sopkiw hitches a ride to Brazil to dig up some dinosaur bones. Once in Brazil he gets in a few tangles with the locals and manages to secure a ride on a charter flight deep into Amazonia. All hell breaks loose as the plane crashes deep in the heart of the jungle, leaving Sopkiw, megalomaniac Soares, and a bunch of super models on their own to trek back to society. The group runs into cannibals, quick sand, murderous animals, and a renegade mine run by slave owners.



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