«Mockery (1927)»

Mockery (1927)

Release Date: 1927
Genres: Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Lon Chaney ( Sergei ), Barbara Bedford ( Countess Tatiana Alexandrova ), Ricardo Cortez ( Captain Dimitri ), Mack Swain ( Vladimir Gaidaroff ), Emily Fitzroy ( Mrs. Gaidaroff ), Charles Puffy ( Ivan - the Gatekeeper ), Kai Schmidt ( Butler ), Johnny Mack Brown ( Russian Officer ), Ricardo Cortez ( Capt. Dimitri ),
Rating: 6.6


There is hunger in Siberia during the Russian Civil War. Dim-witted peasant Sergei is searching corpses for food. He meets a mysterious young woman looking for the town of Novokursk. She asks Sergei to tell anyone they might meet that he is her husband. They find an abandoned house where they can rest... but a stranger is hiding inside. Sergei washes the woman's feet and prepares a bed for her. The stranger reveals himself and is soon joined by cossacks; they do not believe that the woman is a peasant's wife. They beat Sergei but he does not betray her. The two are rescued by White cavalry. The woman is in fact the Countess Alexandrova. In Novokursk, the countess stays with the rich Gaidaroff family. When Sergei leaves hospital, he goes to see his "friend". The countess begrudgingly provides a job in the household. Sergei is exposed to the revolutionary talk of Ivan, a servant. When the Whites leave town to counter an attack, the Reds are free to act...



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