«Mammoth (2006)»

Mammoth (2006)

Release Date: 2006
Genres: Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller /
Country: USA    Romania   
Cast: Vincent Ventresca ( Dr. Frank Abernathy ), Summer Glau ( Jack Abernathy ), Tom Skerritt ( Simon Abernathy ), Cole Williams ( Squirrelly ), Charles Carroll ( Sheriff Marion Morrison ), Mark Irvingsen ( Deputy Dino ), David Kallaway ( Deputy Bud ), Leila Arcieri ( Agent Powers ), Marcus Lyle Brown ( Agent Whitaker ), Andrew Peter Marin ( Floyd (as Andrew P. Marin) ), Dan Radulescu ( Moe the Monkey Man ), Karen Parden Johnson ( Gas Station Lady (as Karen Johnson) ), Coca Bloos ( Olive ), Jennie Garland ( Museum Girl ), Samuel Garland ( Museum Boy ), Constantin Draganescu ( Gordon(as Costica Draganescu) ), Andrew Peter Marin ( Floyd(as Andrew P. Marin) ), Karen Parden Johnson ( Gas Station Lady(as Karen Johnson) ), Boris Petroff ( Bruno ),
Rating: 4


On a hot summer afternoon in the sleepy town of Blackwater, Louisiana locals exiting a retro-fitted theater excitedly watch as a meteor streaks across the sky and crashes through the roof of the local Natural History Museum. No one realizes that the meteor is actually a spaceship containing a shape-shifting life form. In order to adapt to Earth's atmosphere, the life form latches on to the first organism it comes in contact with - a partially frozen Woolly Mammoth found in the historic exhibit for which the town is famous. As a series of uncanny disasters unfold, the town quickly finds itself overrun by the alien-possessed mammoth. Local authorities and Government Investigators join forces with Frank Abernathy, the Museum Curator, and his father Simon, a B-Movie enthusiast to bring down the mighty mammoth, thus saving the town (and the world) in a wild adventure that blends the 50's alien-invasion flick, and the 70's revenge-of-nature opus into a marauding monster mash!



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