«La passion de Jeanne d'Arc (1928)»

La passion de Jeanne d'Arc (1928)

Release Date: 1928
Genres: Comedy / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Emile Hirsch ( Francis Doyle ), Kieran Culkin ( Tim Sullivan ), Vincent D'Onofrio ( Father Casey ), Jena Malone ( Margie Flynn ), Jake Richardson ( Wade Scalisi ), Tyler Long ( Joey Anderson ), Jodie Foster ( Sister Assumpta ), Arthur Bridgers ( Donny Flynn(as Arthur Bridges) ), Scott Simpson ( Newsie ), Melissa Suzanne McBride ( Mrs. Doyle(as Melissa McBride) ), Michael Harding ( Mr. Doyle(as Mike Harding) ), Chandler McIntyre ( Naturalist ), Jeffrey West ( Professor Sullivan ), Yvonne Erickson ( Mrs. Sullivan ), Nicky Olson ( Colin Gibbney ),
Rating: 8.3
;La passion de Jeanne d'Arc


In mid-1970s Savannah, two bright but rebellious boys, Francis Doyle and Tim Sullivan, fight boredom, hormones and harsh teachers as they struggle to find something meaningful beyond the walls of their parish school. Francis, an exceptional artist whose imaginative forays into a fictional universe of good and evil fill his notebooks with comic-book imagery, creates a netherworld of superhero alter egos for the two boys. When the ultra-strict Sister Assumpta seizes their artwork one day, the boys embark upon an obsessed trail of revenge that ultimately changes their lives.



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