«Kisses And Caroms (2006)»

Kisses And Caroms (2006)

Release Date: 2006
Genres: Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Nicole Rayburn ( Tara ), Drew Wicks ( Zack ), Nikki Stanzione ( Jennifer ), Ryan Parks ( David ), Bart Shattuck ( Dr. Bob Johnson ), Keith Alexander ( Eddie ), Patty Souza ( Mrs. Johnson ), Ginger Lynn Allen ( Mrs. Whiteman ), Michael Hutchinson ( Bob 1 ), Vincent Rocca ( Bob 2 ), Jay Beeber ( Billiard Fanatic / Answering Machine Guy ), Robert Vincenti ( Steve ), Tom Ayers ( Unemployed Guy ), Keith Beaton ( Naked White Guy ), Steven Rocca ( BMX'er Kid ), Michael Hutchinson ( Bob 1 / Chalk Guy ), Vincent Rocca ( Bob 2 / Pool Table Shopper ),
Rating: 4.8
;Kisses And Caroms


In California, Zack owns the "Breakingtime Billiards", a store that sells pool tables and game room supplies. He works with his girlfriend Jennifer; the sexy seller Tara; the installer of pool tables and best friend, the wolf David, and his idiot assistant Eddie. After having a threesome arranged by Jen with Tara, Zach breaks up his relationship with Jen, in spite of her bringing him up all the time. He tells his sexual experience to David while Jen asks for an advice to her psychologist Dr. Bob Johnson in his radio show. Along the day and after the visit of many peculiar clients, Zack concludes that Jen is his dream girl.



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