«Kiss The Bride (2002)»

Kiss The Bride (2002)

Release Date: 2002
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Romance /
Country: USA   
Cast: Amanda Detmer ( Danisa 'Danni' Sposato ), Sean Patrick Flanery ( Tom Terranova ), Brooke Langton ( Nicoletta 'Niki' Sposato ), Monet Mazur ( Antonia 'Toni' Sposato ), Alyssa Milano ( Amy Kayne ), Vanessa Parise ( Christina 'Chrissy' Sposato ), Johnathon Schaech ( Geoffrey 'Geoff' Brancato ), Johnny Whitworth ( Marty Weinberg ), Talia Shire ( Irena Sposato ), Burt Young ( Santo Sposato ), Frances Bay ( Grandma Julia Sposato ), Rocco Olivo ( Pepe ), Ric Mancini ( Luigi ), Lillian Adams ( Aunt Speed ), Vanna Salviati ( Aunt Fanny ),
Rating: 5.4
;Kiss The Bride


In Rhode Island, in the Italian-American family Sposato, Danni is going to marry Geoffrey Brancato. Danni lives with her parents Santo and Irena and is the third and 'the good daughter' of her family. Her three sisters come for her wedding: the older Nikki, a successful TV starlet, who works in a TV show very similar to 'Baywatch'. Nikki brings her boy-friend and manager Marty Weinberg to be introduced to her family. Chrissy, who deals with investments in Wall Street; and the rebel younger Toni , who plays in a rock-and- roll band with her lesbian lover Amy Kayne. Together, they have meals in the restaurant of Tom Terranova, the former and first love of Nikki. Many discussions of the Sposato family show wounds not healed, when the characters expose their real feelings.



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