«Kerd Ma Lui - aka- Born To Fight (2004)»

Kerd Ma Lui - aka- Born To Fight (2004)

Release Date: 2004
Genres: Crime / Drama / Thriller /
Country: USA   
Cast: Brad Pitt ( Early Grayce ), Kathy Larson ( Teenage Girl (as Catherine Larson) ), David Milford ( Driver ), David Duchovny ( Brian Kessler ), John Zarchen ( Peter ), David Rose ( Eric ), Michelle Forbes ( Carrie Laughlin ), Tommy Chappelle ( Old Man ), Juliette Lewis ( Adele Corners ), Judson Vaughn ( Parole Officer ), James Michael McDougal ( John Diebold (as J. Michael McDougal) ), Patricia Sill ( Carol ), Brett Rice ( Police Officer ), Marisa Raper ( Little Girl ), Bill Crabb ( Middle Aged Farmer (as Bill Crabbe) ), Kathy Larson ( Teenage Girl(as Catherine Larson) ), James Michael McDougal ( John Diebold(as J. Michael McDougal) ), Bill Crabb ( Middle Aged Farmer(as Bill Crabbe) ),
Rating: 6.2
;Kerd Ma Lui - aka- Born To Fight


Brian Kessler, a journalist researching serial killers, and his photographer girlfriend Carrie set out on a cross-country tour of the sites of the killings. Sharing the ride and their expenses are Early Grayce, a paroled white trash criminal, and his girlfriend Adele. As the trip progresses, Early begins to appear more and more unstable, and Brian and Carrie begin to fear that they may have a real-life killer in the back seat of their car.



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