«Ginga tetsudô Three-Nine (1979)»

Ginga tetsudô Three-Nine (1979)

Release Date: 1979
Genres: Animation / Sci-Fi / Adventure / Fantasy /
Country: Japan   
Cast: Masako Nozawa ( Tetsur ), Masako Ikeda ( Maetel(voice) ), Y ( Claire(voice) ), Miyoko As ( Tochir ), Toshiko Fujita ( Shadow(voice) ), Banj ( Captain of the Guard(voice)(as Takashi Tanaka) ), Yasuo Hisamatsu ( Antares(voice) ), Makio Inoue ( Captain Harlock(voice) ), Tatsuya J ( Narrator(voice) ), Ry ( Queen Promethium(voice) ), Kaneta Kimotsuki ( Conductor(voice) ), Gor ( Doctor Ban(voice) ), Noriko Ohara ( Ry ), Ry ( Bartender(voice) ), Hidekatsu Shibata ( Kikai Hakushaku (Count Mecha)(voice) ),
Rating: 7.6
;Ginga tetsudô Three-Nine


Tetsuro Hoshino, orphaned by the Cyborgs, lives in a slum in the shadow of their megapolis. He steals a pass for Galaxy Express 999, and is saved by a mysterious woman called Maitre, a living image of his mother who had been killed by the Cyborgs. Wearing a special pendant, he sets out for Andromeda where he can obtain eternal life and avenge his parents' death. On his odyssey, he meets a gallery of fantastic characters that help him exterminate the evil Star of Andromeda which had been giving mechanical bodies to rich human beings.



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