«Gangster Exchange (2009)»

Gangster Exchange (2009)

Release Date: 2009
Genres: Action /
Country: Canada   
Cast: Christopher Russell ( Marco ), Nobuya Shimamoto ( Hiro ), Aaron Poole ( Big Dave ), Sarain Boylan ( Kendra ), Jasmin Geljo ( Gogo Wolf ), Zeljko Kecojevic ( Dragan Wolf ), Walter Alza ( Sasha ), Steven P. Park ( Ozaki ), Denis Akiyama ( Takayama ), David Krae ( Snowy ), Hugh Barnett ( Jimmy ), James Binkley ( Bouncer No. 4 ), Kresimir Bosiljevac ( Thug No. 1 ), Gouchy Boy ( Head Bouncer ), James Edward Campbell ( Andre ),
Rating: 6.2
;Gangster Exchange


Karate meets Kalashnikovs as the uncontrollable force and the immovable object are thrown together in this bloody hilarious action comedy! Hiro's a Tokyo cyber-punk Yakuza with a simple mission: smuggle a toilet made of pure heroin to New York City. If he fails his boss will stick his sword where the rising sun don't shine. Marco's a muscle mountain enforcer working for a family of ex-commandos from the Bosnian war. He's an entry-level thug with dreams of rising up the ranks. But in the Bosnian mob, promotion is spelled AK-47. When a bloody New York mob war erupts and Hiro and Marco snatch the toilet. It's worth millions - if they can find somebody who can decipher the Japanese chemistry formula. Wounded, hunted and dragging a 50-pound toilet made of heroin; they race around New York. Through sleazy alleyways, bouncer brawls, sniper shoot-outs and a biker war they're on a quest to find a Japanese chemist. Problem is Marco has a nasty habit of getting shot and Hiro is just looking for a girl to swallow his sashimi.



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