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Gangs Of New York (2002)

Release Date: 2002
Genres: Crime / Drama / History /
Country: USA    Italy   
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio ( Amsterdam Vallon ), Daniel Day-Lewis ( Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting ), Cameron Diaz ( Jenny Everdeane ), Jim Broadbent ( William 'Boss' Tweed ), John C. Reilly ( Happy Jack Mulraney ), Henry Thomas ( Johnny Sirocco ), Liam Neeson ( 'Priest' Vallon ), Brendan Gleeson ( Walter 'Monk' McGinn ), Gary Lewis ( McGloin ), Stephen Graham ( Shang ), Eddie Marsan ( Killoran ), Alec McCowen ( Reverend Raleigh ), David Hemmings ( Mr. Schermerhorn ), Larry Gilliard Jr. ( Jimmy Spoils ), Cara Seymour ( Hell-Cat Maggie ), Alec McCowen ( Reverend Raleigh(as Alec Mccowen) ), Lawrence Gilliard Jr. ( Jimmy Spoils(as Larry Gilliard Jr.) ),
Rating: 7.4
;Gangs Of New York


1863. America was born in the streets. In this movie, we see Amsterdam Vallon returning to the Five Points of America to seek vengeance against the psychotic gangland kingpin Bill the Butcher who murdered his father years ago. With an eager pickpocket by his side and a whole new army, Vallon fights his way to seek vengeance on the Butcher and restore peace in the area. However this is more said than done.



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