«Gandahar (1988)»

Gandahar (1988)

Release Date: 1988
Genres: Adventure / Sci-Fi / Animation / Fantasy /
Country: France   
Cast: Pierre-Marie Escourrou ( Sylvain(voice) ), Catherine Chevallier ( Airelle(voice) ), Georges Wilson ( M ), Anny Duperey ( Ambisextra(voice) ), Jean-Pierre Ducos ( Blaminhor(voice) ), Christine Paris ( Porte-parole(voice) ), Zaira Benbabis ( Voix Enregistr ), Claude Degliame ( Voix Enregistr ), Olivier Cruveiller ( Homme-m ), Jean-Pierre Jorris ( Transform ), Dominique Maurin ( Transform ), Jean-Jacques Scheffer ( Transform ), Jean Saudray ( Transform ), Fr ( Transform ), Philippe No ( Transform ),
Rating: 6.9


Gandahar is a utopian world of rare beauty and tranquility, the result of extensive mutation and genetic experimentation. But the perfect peace is shattered when a mysterious evil force invades this idyllic serenity, turning people into stone with petrifying rays. The Council of Women hold court and decide to send Sylvain, son of Queen Ambisextra, on a mission to destroy the enemy. Together with the beautiful and adventurous Arielle, the enemy that Sylvain eventually discovers very far from his home is the ultimate failure of Gandaharian scientific experimentation. It is a giant brain known as the Metamorphis, which has created an indestructible army of metal men to destroy Gandahar. Sylvain must battle the Metamorphis, but not until 1000 years in the future.



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