«Gag (2006)»

Gag (2006)

Release Date: 2006
Genres: Horror /
Country: USA   
Cast: Renee Reres ( Kassandra ), Maryam Basir ( Nisa ), Mark Bedell ( Seth ), Jeremy Bouvet ( Algernon ), Sandra Chavarria ( Dominatrix ), Caroline Do ( Elizabeth Chen ), Paula Ficara ( Vashista ), Denise Gossett ( Lucy ), Kerisse Hutchinson ( Kendra ), Von Jackson ( Sexy Bartender ), Kimberly Shay Jones ( Bartender ), Donavan Lambert ( Body Guard ), Riley O. ( ), Cindy Pena ( Roja ), Riley Roberts ( Omar ),
Rating: 3.3


Three Friends, Dante, Omar, and Kassandra go to a gallery in hopes of joining a 'Fright Club'. Vashista, a mysterious woman, tells them of the club's founder, Gothic Artist Sebastian Crowe, and in order to join they must tell scary stories. In a dark basement they appear before The Elder and tell their stories. They are, 'Little Red Riding in the Hood' (about a Latino werewolf), 'The Boy Who Cried Vamp' (Black Vampires), and 'Spare Parts' (Asian Frankenstein). Who is the Elder and will the Friends get out of Fright Club alive?



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