«For Whom The Bulls Toil (1953)»

For Whom The Bulls Toil (1953)

Release Date: 1953
Genres: Comedy / Family / Animation / Short /
Country: USA   
Cast: Pinto Colvig ( Goofy ), Pinto Colvig ( Goofy(voice) (uncredited) ), Joaquin Garay ( Narrator / Additional Voices(voice) (uncredited) ),
Rating: 7.1
;For Whom The Bulls Toil


Goofy, driving through Mexico, deals with a stubborn bull on the road who eventually charges, and Goofy unwittingly subdues the bull. Mexicans who are watching the scene believe that Goofy is "the great Matador" and the minute Goofy arrives in Mexico City, they dress him like a matador and make him do battle with another bull. The reluctant Goofy tries to escape the enormous bull although after a while, once again, he triumphs over the bull by accident.



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