«Fall (1997)»

Fall (1997)

Release Date: 1997
Genres: Drama / Romance /
Country: USA   
Cast: Eric Schaeffer ( Michael ), Amanda De Cadenet ( Sarah ), Rudolf Martin ( Phillipe ), Francie Swift ( Robin ), Lisa Vidal ( Sally ), Roberta Maxwell ( Joan Alterman ), Jose Yenque ( Scasse ), Josip Kuchan ( Zsarko ), Scarlett Johansson ( Little Girl ), Ellen Barber ( Woman ), Willis Burks II ( Baja ), Scott Cohen ( Derick ), Roi King ( Coworker at cab company ), A.J. Lopez ( Bellboy ), Casper Martinez ( Church Goer ), Arthur J. Nascarella ( Anthony the Maitre D' (as Arthur Nascarella) ), Rockets Redglare ( Performance Priest ), Lou Torres ( Day Player ),
Rating: 5.6


Two people from completely different worlds meet by chance, thrown together as if by fate. Their attraction is immediately obvious and overwhelming. He is attracted to her beauty (she is a supermodel) and good humor; she is seduced by his charisma and honesty. With his gifts of poetry and tenderness, he opens her heart to the possibility of true love. But it takes a lot of courage to make a commitment. Is she truly in love with him? And even if she is, will she able to leave the cosmopolitan, superficial lifestyle to be with him?



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