«Faintheart (2008)»

Faintheart (2008)

Release Date: 2008
Genres: Comedy /
Country: UK   
Cast: Eddie Marsan ( Richard ), Ewen Bremner ( Julian ), Jessica Hynes ( Cath ), Bronagh Gallagher ( Maggie ), Tim Healy ( Geoff ), Paul Nicholls ( Gary ), Anne Reid ( Barbara ), Joseph Hamilton ( Martin ), Chloe Hesar ( Emily ), Richard Ridings ( Collin ), Gary Sefton ( Vince ), Kevin Eldon ( Alan ), Sandra Voe ( Julian's Mum ), Matthew Leighton ( Kim ), Tom Smith ( Danny ),
Rating: 5.7


In the Midlands, two men and a boy are on losing streaks: Richard has a dead-end job, and his wife leaves him because he's inattentive and has a juvenile obsession for 11th-century battle reenactments. His best friend Julian still lives with mum and divides his obsessions between Vikings and Star Trek. Then there's Richard's son Martin, picked on at school in part because of his father's hobby. Richard vows to win back the heart of his ex, Julian may have met someone online who shares his interests, and Martin wants to stand up to bullies. All get bad advice, which they act on. Is there any hope for any of them?



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