«Evilution (2008)»

Evilution (2008)

Release Date: 2008
Genres: Horror / Comedy /
Country: USA   
Cast: Eric Christmas ( Mr. Abner ), Steve Buscemi ( Ed Chilton ), Harper Roisman ( Judge Fearson ), Sam Jenkins ( Storm Reynolds ), Ned Beatty ( Uncle Benny ), Gary Farmer ( Big Lar ), Robert Harvey ( Mr. Anderson ), John Glover ( A.J. Pattle ), Miriam Margolyes ( Mabel Chilton ), Jon Gries ( Rob Sundheimer ), Dawn Hudson ( Telemarketer ), Eric Poppick ( Sam Halibut ), Rance Howard ( Rev. Praxton ), Warren Munson ( Uncle Bill ), Carol Schlanger ( Aunt Sophie ),
Rating: 4.1


Ed misses his mother who has been dead for a year. He has lived almost his whole life with his mother, so when a stranger appears one day from a company called "Happy People Ltd." and claims that they can bring his mother back for 1 000$, he doesn't think long before he agrees. But everything doesn't go as it should go. For a while everything is fine and Ed's mother bakes cakes and takes care of him, exactly as before. But then she starts to act more and more strangely. Pealing potatoes in the fridge, repainting the kitchen over night, chasing dogs for meals, jumping over fences and other things that ordinary old mothers usually don't do. And when Rob (who was sent to jail by Ed's mother) appears, things really start to get out of hand.



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