«Everyday Black Man (2010)»

Everyday Black Man (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Action / Drama /
Country: USA   
Cast: Afi Ayanna ( Shauna ), Chris Ayles ( William / Banker ), Henry Brown ( Moses ), Crystal Bush ( Nurse ), Marion Christian ( Store Bodyguard ), Ronald Gardner ( Officer 2 ), Ed Gilles III ( Darcy ), Karleen Griffin ( Prostitute ), Jahkahn Bayshore Gulley ( Delivery Kid ), Dave Hall ( Gang member ), Omari Hardwick ( Malik ), Daryl Anthony Harper ( The Preacher ), Corey Jackson ( Sonny ), Jermaine Steve Johnson ( Young Moses ), Mawiyah Johnson ( Aisha ), Ahku ( Darcy's Driver ),
Rating: 5.2
;Everyday Black Man


Since closing the door to a violent past, quiet and thoughtful Moses Stanton everyday existence is running a small neighborhood store, and watching over his daughter who doesn't know he exists. When a young man, Malik, comes in claiming to be a black Muslim that is doing good for the neighborhood, Moses takes him on as a partner but soon realizes that Malik is nothing but a drug dealer seeking to destroy the neighborhood and Moses's daughter. Therefore, Moses must become the man he used to be in order to save his beloved neighborhood and his daughter.



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