«Eraser (1996)»

Eraser (1996)

Release Date: 1996
Genres: Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller / Crime /
Country: USA   
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger ( U.S. Marshal John 'The Eraser' Kruger ), James Caan ( U.S. Marshal Robert Deguerin ), Vanessa Williams ( Lee Cullen ), James Coburn ( WitSec Chief Beller ), Robert Pastorelli ( Johnny Casteleone ), James Cromwell ( William Donohue ), Danny Nucci ( WitSec Deputy Monroe ), Andy Romano ( Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper ), Nick Chinlund ( WitSec Agent Calderon ), Michael Papajohn ( WitSec Agent Schiffer ), Joe Viterelli ( Tony Two-Toes ), Mark Rolston ( J. Scar ), John Slattery ( FBI Agent Corman ), Robert Miranda ( Frediano ), Roma Maffia ( Claire Isaacs ),
Rating: 5.9


John Kruger is a U.S. marshal who is assigned to protect Lee Cullen, who works for the Cyrez Corporation, a company that manufactures top secret weapons for the military. Lee knows about a scam going on within Cyrez Corporation, and the man behind it is determined to silence Lee, because without Lee, the FBI has no case against the Cyrez Corporation. After taking Lee to New York City to hide her, John discovers that his friend, U.S. Marshal Robert Deguerin, is the mastermind behind the scam!



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