«Encounter with Danger (2009)»

Encounter with Danger (2009)

Release Date: 2009
Genres: Comedy / Crime /
Country: UK   
Cast: Joe O'Byrne ( Tommy Morghen ), Paul Birtwistle ( Birty ), Donna Henry ( Joanne Miller ), Roxanne Gregory ( Roxy ), Clive Bonelle ( Richard ), James Foster ( Simon Huxley ), Jonathan Williams ( Barry Lick ), Tim Paley ( Frank ), Chris Leonard ( Face Slash Victim ), Michael Booth ( Michael ), Charlie Anderson ( Charlie ), Bob Atkinson ( Himself ), Jason Blacow ( Jay ), Alison Booth ( Rays daughter ), Louise Brand ( Anonymous Interviewee ),
Rating: 4.7
;Encounter with Danger


Film school tutor, Barry Lick, has been suspended on full pay accused of 'gross professional misconduct'. But he's got a spring in his step because it means he's just been handed the chance to try and make a sensationalist crime documentary which might just save his career. Even better he can do it all on the cheap; he's still being payed and there's ex-students out there who are willing to work for nothing more than empty promises. Barry's quest is going nowhere - that is until security consultant, Tommy Morghen, appears on the scene. And it's not long before Barry's plunged into a world of sub-prime mortgages, blackmail, corruption, knife crime, extreme German S&M pornography, castration, corpse disposal, gang-rape and, ultimately, murder. But what's Tommy's interest in all this? Is it that he just wants fame and notoriety, or does he have another agenda? Barry puts questions like these to the back of his mind. All he knows is that, in the age of reality TV, sensationalism sells - so, no matter what, you keep filming!



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